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Native Arkansas Plant Photos and Descriptions

Know Your Natives – Basketflower

Centaurea americana is a lovely annual wildflower which really attracts butterflies, bees and other flying critters. The common name is Basketflower, because of the phyllaries (modified leaves) that surround the flower head base. Basketflower grows from 24 inches to 60 … Continue reading

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Meet the Plant: Rue Anemone

Rue Anemone (Thalictrum (Anemonella) thalictroides) is a native perennial occurring throughout the woodlands of eastern US. The common name is based on the appearance of the leaves being similar to those of an anemone as well as meadow rue.  The … Continue reading

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Meet the Tree: Toothache Tree

Toothache tree, Zanthoxylum clava-herculis, is surely one of Arkansas’ most intriguing native plants. If you haven’t been introduced, chew on a twig or a piece of bark for a few minutes and feel your mouth and tongue start to tickle … Continue reading

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