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Wildflowers that are native to Arkansas

Native Plant Portrait – Climbing-dogbane

Blooming now! The climbing-dogbane vine (Trachelospermum difforme) can easily be mistaken for Carolina jasmine (Gelsemium sempervirens) when out of bloom. The opposite leaves on climbing-dogbane are similar, but slightly broader and not as thick, and have milky sap when compared … Continue reading

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Neat Plant Alert – Sharp wing monkey-flower

Sharp wing monkey-flower (Mimulus alatus) is currently blooming in nearly every county in Arkansas. It likes moist soils rich in organic matter. These photos were taken in moderately-shaded woodland next to a small stream in Bradley County. Webmaster Note: This … Continue reading

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Know Your Natives – False Aloe

False aloe (Manfreda virginica) is an herbaceous perennial in the Agave (Agavaceae) Family.  In the US, false aloe is found in the Southeastern and Midwestern States as well as in Texas.  In Arkansas, the species is found pretty much throughout the … Continue reading

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