Snapshots of the Vogelpohl Field Trip on June 2

Article and photos by Sid Vogelpohl

View of Mount Magazine from the Vogelpohl Place (looking south).  The highest elevation of the mountain (2,753 feet above sea level) is Summit Hill shown at left-center.  The Mount Magazine Lodge is below the Summit on the opposite side.

Plants of the Vogelpohl native plant garden observed in photo include woolly lip fern, orange milkweed, dittany, foxglove beardtongue, Virginia creeper, showy goldenrod, scaly blazing star, woodland sunflower, Baldwin’s ironweed and oakleaf hydrangea.

Plants in photo include Christmas fern, hairy lip fern, rock geranium, showy goldenrod, shrubby St. John’s-wort, pussytoes, cutleaf coneflower, American holly, mullein, eastern bluestar and beauty-berry.

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