Explore the Glade Habitat of the Buffalo River

Theo Witsell, Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, asked us to share this.  We said, “Of course!”  Enjoy the video!

The National Park Service has released a video about the restoration of glade habitat along the Buffalo River which was produced by Terra Fondriest at the Buffalo National River in Arkansas.  The video features the work of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission (ANHC) monitoring glade restoration efforts at the Gene Rush Wildlife Management Area adjacent to the Buffalo River.  This work is part of a cooperative State Wildlife Grant between the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the National Park Service, and the ANHC to restore degraded (cedar-encroached) glades and improve habitat for a variety of plants and animals.  Here is the write-up and link to the video on YouTube:

Glades of the Buffalo National River

Explore the unique glade habitat on the Buffalo National River in Arkansas. Learn about the current restoration and management practices the Park is implementing in order to preserve the rare plants and animals that call these glades home. Take a helicopter ride down the Buffalo, see prescribed wildfires that are essential to the health of glade communities, listen to the beautiful bird songs of the glades, hear the interviews of area experts, and enjoy the regional music of the group Harmony.

Click to view video: Glades of the Buffalo National River – produced by Terra Fondriest

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