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The Arkansas Native Plant Society (ANPS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the preservation, conservation, enjoyment and study of the native vegetation of Arkansas. Through fund-raising activities and donations, ANPS sponsors the following awards to undergraduate and graduate students who show exceptional interest in acquiring a botanical education or who wish to conduct research projects involving the native or naturalized flora of Arkansas.

Delzie Demaree Research Grant

This research grant award honors the late Delzie Demaree, a nationally recognized Arkansas botanist who dedicated his life to teaching botany and studying the Arkansas flora. The grants are awarded competitively to undergraduate or graduate students in amounts of up to $2000 for appropriate Arkansas botany or plant ecology related research projects.

Aileen McWilliam Scholarship

This scholarship award honors the late Aileen McWilliam, named Arkansas’ Outstanding Biology Teacher in 1965, a former member of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, a noted author, and a knowledgeable and ardent Arkansas naturalist. This scholarship, in remembrance of her devotion to the study of the Arkansas flora, is given annually to promising undergraduate or graduate students with a strong interest in botany. Individual awards will be given in amounts of up to $2000.

The application period for 2017 research grants and scholarships has passed. Application materials for 2018 will be available on February 15, 2018.


Dwight Munson Moore Award

This award honors Dwight Munson Moore, long-time Arkansas botanist; Professor of Botany for more than 40 years at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, UA Monticello, and Arkansas Tech; Chairman of the Department of Botany, UAF, 1926-1950; and author of the Arkansas Forestry Commission publication, Trees of Arkansas.  In his long and fruitful career, Dr. Moore taught and inspired several generations of college botany students throughout our state.  The Dwight Moore award is given on the occasion of outstanding achievement in either research or publication on Arkansas botany.

Carl Amason Conservation Award

The Carl Amason Award honors a man whose character and achievements reflected the best aspirations of the Arkansas Native Plant Society membership.  With unfailing energy and high spirits, Carl led field trips, shared plants, and wrote articles and accounts for Claytonia.  He was a charter member, a past president, and auctioneer.  His efforts on behalf of ANPS earned him universal acknowledgment as a most beloved and successful ambassador for the conservation and preservation of nature.  The Carl Amason Conservation Award is given periodically to individuals whose personal efforts help all of us to conserve and enjoy nature’s gifts.  The Award will include an appropriate monetary consideration not to exceed $1000.

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