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Please use this information when citing an article from the Arkansas Native Plant Society website or Claytonia Newsletter

Author Last Name, First Name “Article Title” ANPS.org http://www.ANPS.org/article [date of article/issue]

Example article citation

Doe, Jane. “Most Fascinating Article” ANPS.org link [10 Sept. 2012]

Doe, Jack. “Most Fascinating Article” ANPS Claytonia Newsletter [Fall 2012]

For attribution of a photograph, please include this information.

Subject, Photographer Name “Article Included In (if available)” ANPS.org http://www.ANPS.org/article [date of photo or article]

Example photograph attribution

Classic Yeti Shrub, by Jake Doe, “Fun with Yeti Shrubs” ANPS.org link [10 Sept. 2012]