Membership Information

Membership in this Society is open to anyone interested in the native plants of Arkansas. A member can attend our meetings and field trips. A member will also receive our newsletter, Claytonia.

Membership Form

Please download and print the form, fill in the information and mail the entire form with your dues to the ANPS treasurer.

Membership Application PDF

Alternatively, below is an application form to copy and paste into a word processing document. Please include the entire form with your dues and mail to the ANPS treasurer (address listed near the bottom of this page).

ANPS Membership Form

Membership Categories
____   $  10   Student
____   $  15   Individual
____   $  20   Supporting
____   $  25   Family
____   $  30   Contributing
____   $150   Lifetime Membership ( age 55+)
____   $300   Lifetime Membership  (under age 55)

Application Purpose
____  New Member
____  Renewal
____  Address Change

____  Opt out of receiving a paper copy of the Claytonia newsletter

Name (s) _______________________________________________________


City_______________________________ State_______ Zip______________

Phone  ___________________ E-mail ________________________________

Or pay online – an individual Membership – $15

A one year Individual Membership to the Arkansas Native Plant Society. The information you provide here will be added to the ANPS Membership directory – so if you’d like us to use a different name, mail, email, or phone number than the ones associated with your PayPal account, please email us at


Please mail this completed form with with a check made payable to the Arkansas Native Plant Society to:

Katherine Lincourt, Treasurer
2625 Charter Oak Drive
Little Rock, AR 72227

For other membership questions, please contact:

Virginia McDaniel, Membership Officer

The Arkansas Native Plant Society is a non-profit organization.