Plant Sources

Many ANPS members not only enjoy seeing native plants in the wild but also enjoy having them in there own gardens and woodlots. There are benefits to growing natives in that most of them are well adapted to the vagaries of our climate and usually don’t require near as much care as non-natives.

We don’t condone collecting plants from the wild, as this unsustainable and can lead to their gradual disappearance.  Try finding ginseng in the woods these days!

There are Arkansas nurseries which specialize in native plants. Reputable ones grow their own either from seed or by propagating them vegetatively.

The following is a list of Arkansas sources of native plants.

Holland Wildflower Farm (wildflower seeds)
P.O. Box 328
Elkins, Arkansas 72727
Orders: (800) 684-3734

Ozark Native Plants (native perennials, medicinals, shrubs, trees)
P O Box 201
St. Paul, Arkansas 72760
See website for schedule of plant sales

Pine Ridge Gardens (flowers, trees, and shrubs)
P O Box 200
London, Arkansas 72847
Phone (479) 293-4359
Fax (479) 293-4659

Wild Streak Plants (Specializing in Ozark Native Perennials)
Located in Northwest Arkansas
Call: 479-935-0700 or
Find us at the Fayetteville Arkansas Farmer’s Market
Face book:

If you would like your nursery listed and you will certify that you don’t obtain your plants from the wild, please contact the webmaster.