Privacy Policy

Arkansas Native Plant Society does not sell your name, address, telephone number, email or any other information to any non-vegetable entity.

ANPS publishes a membership directory that includes contact information for members.  This membership directory is prepared by our Membership Officer and distributed annually.  The membership directory is not intended to be used for commercial and/or marketing purposes.

As a general rule, we will try to verify GPS deletion before posting digital photographs of sensitive populations.  It is indeed, better to be safe.

Our standards are to list the name of authors with their articles (possibly supplemented by a bit of biographical info). For photographs, we usually list the shutterbug’s name, a little about the subject and possibly the general location where the photograph was taken. We may or may not include a copyright and/or license statement in the caption of the photograph.  Our Terms of Use apply whether we specifically mention them in the caption or not.

ANPS maintains a presence on social media sites.  Feel free to look us up and like/follow us.  Anything you share with us on social media will not be used on our website or in the Claytonia newsletter without your permission.

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