The Society promotes 1) the preservation, conservation, study, and enjoyment of the native plants of Arkansas, 2) the education of the public regarding the value of native plants and their habitats, and 3) the publication of related information.

Headlines and Links for 2015

The fall meeting will be October 9-11 in Eureka Springs.
Full Details about the meeting will be published later.   Please plan on joining us!

Volunteer Opportunities are listed on the calendar now.  Although we do not sponsor them, we surely support them.

The Arkansas Vascular Flora Committee is pleased to announce the release of Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Arkansas.  ORDER FORM

Arkansas Native Plant Society has a growing list of posts called Know Your Natives. These informative articles include beautiful pictures that highlight seasonal native plants.  They are written and edited by ANPS members.  Sign up on the website to get an email notifying you a new article is published.  For your convenience, we have added a page with a list of the articles.  Resources/Know Your Native Articles

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