Neat Plant Alert – Scarlet Beardtongue

The recent ANPS field trip to Poison Springs Natural Area and nearby back roads was very productive! Trip leader Meredith York took us to see some great plants, many of which are rare in Arkansas.

The most spectacular sight of the day was without a doubt Scarlet Beardtongue (Penstemon murrayanus).

Scarlet Beardtongue - Penstemon murrayanus

Scarlet Beardtongue photographed along County Road 423 in Nevada County

Found only in Nevada and Ouachita counties in southwest Arkansas, Scarlet Beardtongue is more common to the southwest in the eastern half of Texas.

Scarlet Beardtongue - Penstemon murrayanus

Our largest Beardtongue – the blooming stalks can reach over 6 feet in height by the end of the bloom season

Scarlet Beardtongue - Penstemon murrayanus

The bright red flowers are a favorite of Ruby-throated hummingbirds

Article and photographs by ANPS member Eric Hunt

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